The tools we use to provide our solutions
Our skills

Web application

We develop reliable, web based applications that are fast and easy to use and with which our clients can access their data anywhere there is an internet connection.

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DB design, structuring, organization and optimization are part of our core expertise. We always push ourselves further, advising our clients on the potential that hasn’t been released from their data, until now.

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Mobile App

We have cooked up countless apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables, B2B and B2C, developing them both in native and cross-platform form.

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Analysis, projects, development and tests

We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes in order to thoroughly understand their needs. After careful analysis, we propose the most suitable solution, not just the one that follows the current trend. The customer then has the possibility to test the solution during development thanks to the Agile methodology.

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We have mastered all of the technologies that connect “things”, from the more traditional ones to the most sophisticated. We know strengths and limitations of these technologies and we choose them according to the objectives of the client.

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Mobile payment

We have created a proprietary solution for mobile and online payment with very advanced features. We have also gained contextual knowledge and practical experience that is now available to our customers.

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We customize open source tools to be easily accessible and flexible, even integrating them with the client’s tools – making the management of documents, internal data and the CRM strategy all more efficient.

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Business Intelligence

We are the perfect partners for those who want to revolutionize their ability to understand and visualize the performance of their business through query, reporting and dashboards designed and personalized ad hoc.

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Areas of expertise

The corporate environment is our natural habitat. Specialization is a strategic decision and we focus on complex projects – projects where there is a lot of work to do with analysis, systems integration and harmonization. It is a hard and satisfying work, and somebody has to do it!

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